After Laughter by Paramore

It’s been ages not listening to this band since highschool. I’ve been into this pop-rock band since their early opus from Riot!, Brand New Eyes until the band arranging a soundtrack for the vampire movie. After all the hype and trends, Paramore shifting into various form. Even Hayley was involved with some collaboration, from hip-hop to EDM. A bit annoying and i am choosing not to listen.

Out May 12th, 2017
But yeah, they are back and Zac Farro is in the gang. This time in colors. Why colors? Because the trio are experimenting with electonic instrument in the records. The first time i heard “Told You So” i instantly imagine them as an Indies. I forgot that they were an emo band once. Despite of their new “cheerish” and melodius tune, Paramore still emit an explosive energy trough their song. They were looking so fresh in this record. Although I don’t like the cover art that much.

“Forgiveness”, track four, the nostalgic vibe was well arranged in this song. With calm and soothing sound. Reminds me of a soothing melody from Tears for Fears back in 1985. If you are looking for “Brand New Eyes”-eque song, you probably have to skip to track number six called “26”. This one will send you to the classic Paramore.

Big fan of Synthesizer? Well Paramore inserting these elements properly in this one called “Grudges”. That classic disco drum beats and jangly guitar riffs are perfecting the melodies.

Why did it take you so long?

Omagah so good 😀

My Favourite track titled “Rose Colored-Boy”. Totally maintaining the tempo for your day. Yeah you can bounce to this track and shout. This song is the reason for you to wake up in the morning and get prepared to go to school.

That 2:20 Lionel Richie’s vibe though

Well, Paramore’s brand new formula are great! My advice for their tribute band, you guys have to split up now because you need more instrument to play their songs now. Peace.

Courtesy of Rollingstones

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