Top of 2016: White Hot Moon by Pity Sex

2016 was an inbetween year where alternative was interesting. Rap also have it at the same time. Year where electro-pop was fun and also the new emo revival anthem makes you sad at the same time. So many gold record was release such as Lust For Youth’s Compassion, A Tribe Called Quest’s We Got It From Here.. Thank You 4 Your Service, Modern Baseball’s Holy Ghost, The Avalanches’s Wildflowers, Yuck’s Stranger Things and other gold records.

“White Hot Moon” Cover Art

To be the highlight for my 2016, melancholic sappy album called “White Hot Moon” from Pity Sex is the main anthem to me. How they transform the minor melody with blooming simple riffs. Quiet verses from Britty & Drake are telling us stories of heartache and love stories. Run For Cover was still the best in 2016.

I was discovering Pity Sex from someone cute’s page. She loves Yuck, i do too. Then i scroll down her top ten list and Pity Sex was there and i start digging. Even though i can’t reach that girl in the, discovering Pity Sex was quite satisfiying. I was adding her facebook though.

So, my favourite lazy fuzz anthem in this album is “Nothing Rips Trough Me”. Synchronized melodies and vocals are the best ever. The song where you can sing trough. Same feeling when you listen to Title Fight’s Floral Green. This album was produced by the same dude called Will Yip. Go find out, he’s a genius. By the way

“Today, today, I imagined your face

Flecked with rose, the first of spring

Freckled nose, pathos of things

I’m okay, I’m okay”

What Migh Soothe You is such a sweet stories. Poetic analogy from white hot stone till howling black cat. Somehow it’s cliche but that’s what mold a bold and fuzzy sound into a beautiful piece.

“Black cat howling at the warm spot on my hand.

Sense my heat.

Slink through my feet.

You’re wild and you’re sweet.

You stay when you leave.”

Simplistic as i told you before. “Pin A Star” might be a simple melodies and Brittany’s voice are so sweet. Some shoegaze bands prefer their lyrics to be ambigious and hard to understand without reading the actual sleeve. Different feeling when you listen to Pity Sex where you can understand the stories and feel the sharp fueled by anger riffs.

“Have I been good.

Have I been strong.

Pin a star.

Won’t take long.

Time can be so cruel.

Steal my youth.

Soothe my wounds.

Don’t waste you time.

Cause it won’t wait for you.”

Quoting Spin Magazine, “Their instrumental backdrops follow with a like-minded clarity. Taking (at times painfully) obvious cues from Clinton-era forefathers like Sonic Youth, Yo La Tengo and MBV, Pity Sex buttress their yearning in stocky distortion, spiraling guitar solos, and confident harmonies, always fairly traded between Drake and Greaves, both of whom sing with more poise than ever before”. Fair enough, “taking at times painfully”.

Pity Sex

Somehow, the band was announced their break-up last month. Sadly. But, sure soon they will back for fresher goodies. 😉

Things are emotional in 2016. So, new year please be nice and please no more stupid EDM stuffs. Go listen to Njoi, Frankie Knuckels or something.


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