Say Yes! By Various Artist

Elliot Smith

Troughout this manic depressive year. Cold in a hazy thoughts. Confusion. Figure 8, Either/Or and XO are sincere and honest poet. Always being true to me instead of perpetrate an artificial laughter. Having a solemn time in questioning about anything intrapersonally always comforting.

 The songs might be a classics to the generation. I was only four when “Ballad of Big Nothing” was released. Elliot Smith wasn’t even on MTV on that era I guess. This what makes discovering his art is a treasure and to me, I was easy to related to his words/stories.

Say Yes! Cover Art

 In this tribute, a star studed tribute, some of them fueled with a new experimentation and some other are as cold as Elliot’s minimalistic balladry. We all know how it sounds. Mostly the artist are re-inventing the isolated acoustic guitar sound in this tribute. From Julien Baker to Lou Barlow. The original version of course be our soundrack. But this tribute album is something else. A fresher feeling to hear some of the idols singing another idol melodies.

 A dark, sarcastic & suicidal notes If you don’t know Elliot Smith, yet.

 The highlight to me is “Bled White” covered by Yuck, “Miss Misery” by Tomo Nakayama & “Ballad of Big Nothing” by Julien Baker. Three of them are probably the “popish” song by Elliot, but it is have a deeper cut to me personally.


 Yuck is probably the most interesting band that I discover in my collage year and probably the best to me ‘till now since 2011. In spite of several shifts, nothings change I guess. A personal touch by Max and the gangs and of course it match to their sounds by adding some noisy touch. Truly re-imagine the “XO” melodious album.

 So here it comes with a blank expression

‘Specially for me, ‘cos he knows I feel the same

‘Cos happy and sad come in quick succession

I’m never going to become what you became

Tomo Nakayama

 Discover about Tomo Nakayama from this tribute and he is so great. Re-imagine “Miss Misery” into a fresher version but still in the same mood and with dark intension. Quiet melody with a high pitch vocal. A Beatles version of Elliot Smith.

I’ll fake it through the day

With some help from johnny walker red

Send the poison rain down the drain

To put bad thoughts in my head

Two tickets torn in half

And a lot of nothing to do

Do you miss me, miss misery

Like you say you do?

Julien Baker

Always trying to figure out how to arrange a story into a verse like Elliot. A simple story match with a minimalistic set. “Ballad of Big Nothing” is the first introduction for me to Elliot Smith opus. The guy from DIIV has making his version and this time Julien Baker do her turn into a calm and charming version.

Throwing candy out to the crowd, dragging down the main

The helpless little thing with the dirty mouth

Who’s always got something to say

You’re sitting around at home now waiting for your brother to call

I saw him down in the alley, having had enough of it all

Said you can do what you want to whenever you want to

You can do what you want to, there’s no one to stop you

 Thankyou YouTube-ers for letting me listen to the whole album first. 😀


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