1989 by Cigarettes Wedding


A classic Indonesiana indie-pop nuance was wrapped up in Cigarettes Wedding’s single called 1989. Which is become a teaser for the band’s upcoming album called “Senantiasa”. 1989 is where ambigous words meet with experimental instrumental notation. Blended into a dreamy instrumentals, post-rock if i may say, 1989 takes you into a dynamic visualization of lights and colors. The song itself was written based on Rachmat Harahap’s day as a teacher. Where he found it very interesting where kids play around, at the same time having learning about new things each and every day.

If you ask about a word for 1989, no you can’t have it. It was molded into layered instrumentation where each part of it give a cinematic score to a movie such as Walter Mitty or another score in slow motion. So, you can just put a word for it. The sound was beautifully complex.

Cigarettes Wedding, Pekanbaru based band is consist of El Kautsar Nazer (Vocal), Tengku Fadli (Bass), Arri Aseng (Guitar), Rachmat Harahap (Guitar) & Adeltra Surya (Drum) formed in 2012. The band have been releasing mini album called “Senja Tinggi” in 2014 and their upcoming album “Senantiasa” will be released hopefuly by the end of 2016. To those who craving for a comforting sounds, just make sure not to miss this one.

FFO: Explotion In The Sky, The Milo & Pure Saturday

Free Download | Cigarettes Wedding – 1989


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/CigarettesWedding/?fref=ts

Instagram : cigaretteswedding_pku

Email: cigaretteswedding.pku@gmail.com

Twitter : @cigarwedding

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCO2x8atkBe6IwHwaxDXXj2w

Link: https://cigaretteswedding1.bandcamp.com/releases

Kontak: El Kautsar Nazer | 081365721150


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