Human Performance by Parquet Courts

This album told me that it’s okay to keep on talking semiotically sarcastic and let others do the thinking job. Thanks to Sir Zaldy a.k.a Musichronic inform me about the band’s latest briliant album. To be honest, i’ve been listening even digging in the hip-hop scene lately bacause nothing new in the scene that fancy of. Boredom if i may say. Yeah some of them hip-hopers or rappers claim that they are the punks today. But, nah. In short, “Human Performance” save my ass. I almost thinking about having them gold teeth. Jk


Restless mind, stagnancy or even setback in the society maybe the thing that they were complaining in the whole 14 tracks. For me personally, confusion on how to deal with certain person certain situation are explained. The art of not to care and skeptical. More and more interpretation to go that i did’nt discover about the album yet. Exciting records since Ought’s “More Than Any Other Days”.

If Tom Verlaine doing more on the singing in the Television than creating guitar licks and melodies, maybe they gonna sounds like Parquet Courts. So, they were not the same. If Jerry Harrison experimenting more on overdrive in Talking Heads maybe they gonna sounds like Parquet Courts. So, they were no look alike. If David Bowie can do that weird guitar techniques ini “Berlin Got Blurry”, he was gonna sounds like Parquet Courts. So, i wanna be as punk as Parquet Courts.

“Pathos Prairie” i guess be the other subject of Black Flag’s “TV Party”. Or be the polite political version of The Descendent’s “Hope”. Lazy shouting “Like how”, poking every habit that we do. In fact that’s we were just commiting a decadence. My favourite picks from Human Performance is “Paraphrased”. So….


Human still giving good music. Means God still give you blessing.


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