Top Of 2015 : Real Life by Real Lies

Before the 2016 transition, I think its better to share my favourite or let me say monumental record in my 2015. This year have been a memorable trip. Both locally and abroad. The scene been interesting this year. New bands throw their record, cassette/vinyl phenomena, 90s-esque fever or the latest “polisi skena” drama. The scene become more dynamic I think. People start to put their thought for it. Just wishing that next year have to be more exploding rather than implode.

Real Lies (via diymags)

Among these interesting records, there was a debut album by North London lad that makes me so excited about this year. At first, I discover these lad on Noisey and lately find out that one of the member, Kev is one of the Vice journalist. “World Peace” is such a sweet greetings from the band that makes me instantly fall in love with Real Lies (Kev Kharas, Tom Watson and Pat King). Electronic tunes with inevitable danceable bass riff and with a pop vocal that pleased you to sing along. Real Lies become my sweet affair from my love for New Order or Kruder and Dorfmeister. At the same year New Order releasing their latest work too called “Music Complete”. What a sweet treat from 2015.

Since then, I was catching up about their singles and found out that the band will release their debut on October. Stocked.

“Real Life” Album Cover

The debut is worth the wait. Real Lies is the aswer for my yearning to late 80s – ealry 90s tune. The debut album called “Real Life” and everything that I need (personally) are in this record. The pop, rave, on the other track chillin (NME compare them to Burial and The xx), then songs for the baggy with poetic verses. Not too aggressive for a debut album, things were created precisely, brilliant. Real Lies presenting their love for the past to the people of today.

“World Peace” be my favoutite track, of course. Kinda love at the first sight. The number two is “Seven Sister”. This track is a sing along track. I couldn’t help to imagine myself to be part of People’s Club crowd. Chilling party anthem.

“One Club Town” is another top anthem. You can dance to the tune with Bez dance. Get crazy and think about nothing. Free your mind for about 3:40 minute.

Back then, people have New Order, I have Real Lies today.

Then my new year wishes is buying “Real Life” physical record and rave at their gig. That would be brilliant. And plus Real Lies also release their interview about the making process of “Real Life” on the tube and it was insightful for those who recently creating new noises in the corner of the street.

“Real Life” by Real Lies is a sharp, sweet, danceable and charming record to be the best (for me) in 2015. Looking forward to hear RL next opus.

Is there any place in Jakarta that provide this kind of tune? It would be so great.


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