The Bands That Trying To Describe Myself To People In The Day When I Was Still Wearing White and Grey

Back in the days in my highschool senior year, circa 2010 or 2011, all that I heard is everything that loud. Let’s just say, Punk, Pop-Punk, Hardcore, and Post-Hardcore were exciting. Each one of the band were that good. Mom’s still complaining about the noise. Dad were having a headache. I was too young for listening to The Carpenters. This post were quite nostalgic to me because the albums that I mention are the reason I wake up early and went to school, turning grey skies turn blue and of course escape myself from boring conversation (red: homework talks). Being in a science class sucks, man.

First, Chasing Hamburg by Polar Bear Club (2009). I discover this band in Bridge Nine Record’s Youtube channel and find out this band were different. While other bands were in downtempo and wearing tough guy looks. This band were more melodic and I can sing the song. “Living Saints” animated clip were that good. “….. Growing up isnt movin on!”.

My favourite picks is “Boxes”. One hell of a song.

“….. You don’t have to be an asshole to be an artist!”

Next, the most lovable melodic hardcore or punk band or whatever. Turf Wars by Daggermouth (2007). This band introduced by my cousin and love it at the first time I hear “Hawt Lixx”. Sound so good. This kind of band that always make you think that you don’t need to brag about other people pity or attention and say fuck to others. The lyrics were about irony in society, and makes you think about what’s happening aroud you. This writing were getting more intense. Sorry.

Above it all, dance trough Daggermouth’s songs were fun. Actually there was a local band once cover “You Do This as a Fad, I Do This as a Lifestyle” ocassionally in some gig and to hear it lively, I attend their gig. I remember the day when i shout In time the pain fades away but we’ll never forget you, Louise James” Wholeheartedly. Old time. Fun.

I used to remember the lyrics, but now I forget. The shout turns to a mumble now.

Empty Days and Sleepless Night by Defeater (2011). This band is more darker among the list. Screaming in the face of god. Defeater have more darker sense of humor. The guitar melodies more minor and heavy. At the same time I listen to Verse I feel the same sense but Defeater is more melodious. Not just about singing as a tough guy but have something to say. There is an old american sense in Defeater. Just jump to their four last track. “I Don’t Mind” all you can hear is a picture of frustation of whats happening in our routine. Defeater scream instead of being a breakdown hardcore band and that what makes this band interesting straight to the heart.

For those who listen to this album. He/she got to be confused at the first time. For a fan of punk band, he/she have to be that patient at this record. I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone by Crime In Stereo (2010). This one is a masterpiece. A work of art. To an old school hardcore listener it might bored them up. What interest me is, this band didn’t have to be heavy to get loud. Melodic riffs with weird vocal sound. I mean with the effect or whatever. Like Nine Inch Nail but it’s a melodic hardcore band.

“I’m trying to get it right, right. Trying to do anything, anything, anything. Gonna do anything, anything, anything. I’m trying to get it right.”

At first, I thought this band was a pop punk band. The Wonder Years type of band. Then I hear them song on the net and the first song I heard was “You Can’t Say Kingston Doesn’t Love You”. It prove me wrong. The galloping beats is what I looking for. A melodic hardcore band and its strange to me. Back in the days, I have no clue about Lifetime, Quicksand or Kid Dynamite. So, take time to enjoy this band. The album that I am talking about is Shed by Title Fight (2011).

Both Ned and Jamie spoken words is like telling us story of youth depreciation on society. Disappointment on people. The energy of tired young man and spill their anger.

The cathy pop-punk hooks, melodic riff and at some notes terrifying, hardcore ambient, nice and slow. This album were too good. But still my favourite Title Fight’s album is Floral Green. Ace.

As a fan of punk band, all that he can do is just murmuring about their past heroes. A good time with old punk rock record behind because nothing to expect about whats happening ahead. Old time punk, pop-punk, hardcore, and post-hardcore records were too awesome and I don’t expect them to doing it again either because sometimes they fail to make the same impression. Highschool never end though. (AA)


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