Age of Dinosaur by Bequiet

What a sweet treat before fasting month. Last sunday (June 14, 2015), a 90s punk rock unit Bequiet reunited in Ok Video 2015’s stage releasing their latest record called “Age of Dinosaur”. Been ages. The band was already established when I was a toddler. Of course I don’t know any of their songs, except the songs that Morfem covered. The crowd was fun. Full of old boy that been in the scene for too long and I was just like a newbie in the pit. The pit that you can smell beer, anggur merah and weed at the same time. Total fucked up. Then I conclude, “This is how it feels to be at Jakarta in the 90’s”.

"Age of Dinosaur" Primordial Cover Artwork
“Age of Dinosaur” Primordial Cover Artwork

About the record, Bequiet writing things about society in fast and loud medium. Old school punk in a rush tempo. If I can state my opinion, it’s like watching H.R from the Bad Brains sings in Sex Pistols or D.O.A ? Whatever. You can only wish that you have a band like Bequiet. My favourite track is number 3 called “Stupid Class Celebration”. SPREADING LIE THAT COMES SO BAD/ TAKE ONES BED AND STICKED SPREAD LEGS/WORKING STUPID FUCK CLASS STUPID FUCK. Bold bassline, raw guitar riffs, galloping drum beats and bursting words in your face. The other favourite pick is the song called “Sound and Laughter”. Old school riffs. The same feeling when listening “Good Guys (Don’t Wear White) by Minor Threat in my opinion. Punk rock with melodic touch and you can sing trough the shout. THEN IT SONG PUT UP KIDS TO DANCE ALL ALONG/FEEL SO STRONG TO HAVE THEM SING AS PART OF THE SONG. Raw sound and you better be careful it will hurt your brain.


Thank god Majemuk Record release the record and of course i get schooled. I could be more devouted for the fasting month.


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