Free To Eat by Plague Vendor

Seems surreal for hearing this kind of rage among other band busy crafting 90’s revival-esque record. The four pieced band from California called Plague Vendor. What more surreal about it? Free To Eat, which is their debut album released by Epitaph Record. The label I supposed start to forget about releasing shitty record.

Free To Eat album cover
Free To Eat album cover

To me the band was loud and raw. Their sounds have the sense of what punk band sounds like back in the 70’s. Surf rock riff and melodies with driven bass rhythm. I suggest the record played in proper loud volume. Let your ear bleed for once. Then your neighbor started to judge you. May I say that they have sense of Agent Orange sense, at some song with speed of Dead Kennedys plus with the rage of The Hives vocal in the way rap faster than Shady. Or may I say Refused? Plague Vendor scream all over your ear. I don’t know if you can stand to this 18 minutes length album. The songs served in a short and sharp way. Wicked!

The favourite pick of mine is “Breakdance on Broken Glass” which is track number three. 1:45 song with intimidating noise. The beat of the drum makes you free to choose the pogo dance, headbanging or either do some skunk dance. The song that you actually can dance to.

If you like some punk record but also love some classic Dick Dale riff, this is the one you’ve been waiting for. I will be so excited about what this band is gonna create next.

Plague Vendor
Plague Vendor

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