“Magnolia” by Turnover

You actually can feel your bleeding heart trough their songs or how cold for becoming an ignorant and so on. This band wrapped the emotional package things to good in this record I guess. I was quite late to discover then share this Virginia Beach, Virginia band to you. The album released by Run For Cover in 2013.

"Magnolia" album cover
“Magnolia” album cover

However, Turnover really made that simple to please my ear and mind. Let say, I am finishing the checklist only about two or three verse. They have simple then catchy riffs and lyrics that hook to you easily. Well, if you like the act such as Title Fight or Citizen, you’ll going to love this record. “Magnolia” sounds too good.

“Shiver” open the record with “Never Meant” hook but of course Turnover put more energy nor anger of course to their song. Of course the title represent how the song already. “SHIVER…//SHIVER…//HERE WITHOUT YOU//”. You got it already right? Sounds so good to me. The riff actually flow smoothly. Melodies play behind the raw rhythm.

Then “Most of the Time”, you may experienced it by yourself I guess. this track is the single of “Magnolia”. The video represent how cold the record is I guess.

This song, I don’t even know the meaning is actually. Please let me know the meaning is. “Seedwong” is the track that I am talking about. The song is kind of mid-tempo song that raging to its climax. “IT’S EARLY AUTUMN WHERE YOU ARE//THE AIR IS COOL, BUT NOT YET COLD//THE SUN IS SINKING AND THE SKYLINE GLOWS WHILE YOU’RE WAITING FOR THE STARS//”. Turnover create a good analogy about a situation. It’s not naïve, but straight forward indeed in a beautiful way. The lyric writing is way to good.

Quoting Blake Solomon writing about Turnover, he says “Turnover don’t have thick skin and that makes their version of pop-punk all the more fragile and beautiful”. I couldn’t agree more. Track per track seems knitted by an isolation process of being human. And that story expressed with an anthem that actually you can sing through it. Which mean, its good. Am I too exaggerate about this album? Hell, no I am not.

Courtesy of Altpress
Courtesy of Altpress

When you miss the old time pop-punk beat such as Rufio, “Like a Whisper” is the answer. Melodic but more beautiful. An individual that taking decision to live his life once again while thriving to forget these memories that always come up like a whisper. “FOR ALL THIS TIME I SPEND THIS TIME THINKING ABOUT YOU// I WAS BETTER OFF NOT THINKING AT ALL// SO GOOD BYE… LOOK AT THESE WORDS I NEVER MEANT//”. Well said, Turnover.

Well, I compliment this band too much. I know.. I know.. this band is way too good to be your brokenheart anthem to sing. Doesn’t mean that my heart is broke okay? Hahaha. Now, I stop writing. AA


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