“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” Compilation

Not a big fan of Shoegaze but the only thing that I know is these noise from a Shoegaze melody always makes you feel good. Things went slow motion. The rage and melody are such a bizzare beauty. Creative noises crafted by the scene ancestor in the late 80’s and the song already become the soundtrack for our daily life and inspire the kids. Scenester create their own band. Since then, the scene bloom by various influences. Again, thanks to the internet, we can listen and educated with all of these obscure band and also information about Shoegaze this day even the scene take place since 30 years ago.

Final Banner Shoegaze compilation

This February 11th 2015 the scene will come up with something fresh. Something new. A new wave of Shoegaze. Ear to Ear Record based in UK and Gerpfast Kolektif Record based in Indonesia curated a compilation album called “Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival”. “Revolution” is quite a huge statement but this compilation surely be an important document for the scene and they about to fascinate the scene once again. Let say this record wil educate the scenester who barely knew about the noises.

"Revolution - The Shoegaze Revival" Cover Artwork
“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” Cover Artwork

This record enlived by 30-bands from all across the universe. From east to the west. South to north. Each one of them have their original material. Indonesia represented by five band which are Digilite, Damascus, Seaside, Intenna and Sharesprings. Local sweetheart that keep the scene still noisy. Also the other 25 bands from various country such as Japan, Pakistan, Hong Kong, France, Canada, Ukraine and many more.

Compilation poster with Bandcamp links 30x40“Revolution – The Shoegaze Revival” was aired by DKFM Shoegaze Radio, the largest shoegaze/dreampop radio station in the world which is based in California and also this record supported by Joe Foster, co-founder of Creation Records, RevOla Records & PoppyDisc and renowned producer of My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream and Jesus & Mary Chain.

While waiting for the 11th, Ear to Ear provide you to stream the record. Don’t miss the date because you can have this compilation for free because it’s not the scene it self that celebrate this compilation. You too.


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