“Never Hangover Again” By Joyce Manor

Well in my opinion, this is the return of Epitaph since releasing the very post-hardcore/metal records season and let down the people on the scene. The record was fine actually, but they all look the same to me. Thanks to 2014, Epitaph release The Menzingers, Rancid, Plague Vendor, Pianos Become The Teeth and this band that I’ll share to you called Joyce Manor. Well, you have the “good-shit” band list in Epitaph lately so you can just ignore the other. Like I said before, they were the same.

Courtesy Altpress
Courtesy Altpress

If you missed the good old day listening to a love story, anger, critics, politics or whatever in pop punk tune, Joyce Manor is the answer. Actually, Never Hangover Again wasn’t the debut for the band. Joyce Manor already release 2 studio albums before for the scene. This band established since 2008 in Torrance, CA and they stand for youngster love ballad and also anger to the social norm at the same time. This 19 minutes length album is about the adolescents day where they meet drama, love stories, hatred or politics in the society which is written in a simple pop punk tune that you can sing to the song. The good thing about an ace punk record is that you can sing and shout to their songs. Plus if you were lucky, the songs are related to your day. And that is what Never Hangover Again is about. Simple chorded riffs, driven bass and kicking drum beats. The band sound like a 90’s hardcore band that brings the energy into an indie pop songs and that formula did work.

"Never Hangover Again" Cover
“Never Hangover Again” Cover

The energy of the album starts from a mid tempo first track called “Christmas Card” but you can feel Barry’s anger already. Romantics in different way “Falling in Love Again” .”THANKS FOR SHOWING ME/AROUND LAST NIGHT/HOPE YOU DON’T THINK I DON’T CARE/BECAUSE I DO I JUST DON’T KNOW IF I SHOULD FEEL THIS BAD ABOUT YOU”. I think suitable for your melodrama songs needs.

“Schley” is the favorite number in this record. I guess it talks about a silly crush for a girl name Schley. “SO WATCH OUT,/YOU’RE IN DANGER. /YOU NEVER KNOW IT, /BUT YOU KNOW/THAT IT’S POSSIBLE. /YOUR NAME, /THE WAY IT LOOKS/CARVED INTO THE COVER OF THE TELEPHONE BOOK. /I DON’T CARE. /I’M NEVER GONNA. /IT SOUNDS BETTER WHEN YOU’RE HIGH ON MARIJUANA”. Killer bass riff. Then the distorted guitar melody wait and came for a cum. Until the last reff where they start shouting “SCHLEY..SCHLEY..SCHLEY..SCHLEY”.

To me Never Hangover Again is a fun record where you can run to and make your day. Only takes 19 minutes to make you feel good again. Simple, anthemic and bittersweet record. AA


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