“More Than Any Other Day” By Ought

Been a while since long time ago spreading good shits about music. Well let’s share once again. 2014 is been an interesting trip right? So many good records for convincing us that it’s still there, the excitement of music. Even though, we bored by some pop EDM stuff happening. But, some records still got the voodoo in it. Thank God.

"More Than Any Other Day" Cover
“More Than Any Other Day” Cover

Well, by the end of 2014 I found this record which is I found in some music leading media, there was this band called “Ought”. Not In a slight of my thought that it was a band name. “Ought’s debut album, More Than Any Other Day, so endearing and electrifying.” Said Pitchfork. Instantly, the record is electrifying! No one ever thinking to form a band like this in this century. When the record started, I instantly re-imagine the classic Lower East Side NYC Punk scene. This band serve you a delicious Art Punk songs in your face so your starvation be fulfilled. You may be happy of this record because at the same time you will have some Television with some anger of David Byrne in it or imagine Tom Verlaine do some of his part for Talking Heads. You just can’t get enough of those cool riffs in this record. Beware of unexpected notes that blow your mind away. The groove might heard jangly but at the same time Beeleer’s words may terrify you away.

My favorite pick is the song named “Around Again”. Instantly, the energy of this band can be heard on this one. “EVERY NIGHT IS LIKE SLEEPING WITH A STONE IN YOUR BED/THERE ARE SOME THINGS YOU CAN’T PUSH AWAY/GO SLOW, GO SLOW, GO SLOW, GO SLOW”. Those lyrics talk. The words run with driven bass, intricate drum beats, weird synth sound and the melody played repeatedly and pleased your brain off. The interlude part makes you thought that the song end, but another words speaks to you once again. “WHY IS IT THAT YOU CAN’T STAY UNDER THE SUN/BUT YOU CAN STICK YOUR HEAD INTO A BUCKET OF WATER AND BREATHE IN DEEP?”.

Courtesy Impose Magazine
Courtesy Impose Magazine

The record gives you minimalistic distortion but you can listen to the inevitable anger in it. Thanks again for this four men from Canada. Like I said before, no one ever thought that some punk is gonna making this kind of beautiful record once again. After all, you should feed your ear with “More Than Any Other Day” right now or nay you could just have fun with the “cuz nananana… bum da bess, bum da bess… bum da bess..” song (What was that actually?). AA


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