Ramones Forever

Back in the days before i listen to Blitzkrieg Bop, when i listened to Greenday, The Offspring and MTV rappers at the same time. That day too, my cousin give an epic introduction to some local Punk Rock bands such as Handsome Devil, Green Underwear, Fleet Level and some others, i forgot the names. Anyway this entrance makes me meet the Ramones in Junior High School in my hometown Payakumbuh. In our senior Farewell Party while me and my friends play Greenday, there’s this band consist of Punk Kentrung and of course i am not joining the mosh because i too innocent and scare of these kind of punk at that age. But anyway, these punks playing Blitzkrieg Bop so wild and i listened to the song that they’re playing. it was so loud, fast and everyone shout for the lyrics. Since then, I become more interested on this music because its loud and fun. But again, it was the adolescent age, i listen to many kind of tune. Let just say, who doesn’t like The Used or Finch or Saosin right? right?. I know, each school makes you meet different kind of friends and each friend listen to different music. Then you influenced by them. People are Tabularasa. Well said.



Even these different tune i consume, every time i got fucked up, Ramones always be the reason for me to get fun fun. This is why this band always being so personal to me. Even i dig many kind of genre, this Popish Punk tune always be a soft spot for me. The very first introduction to this band is Greatest Hits album which means the hits songs that must have been already heard on the skate video or movie or TV or even Tony Hawk Pro Skater on Playstation. These songs always be the soundtrack on every single event, so far.

Ramones on the subway


I know, i am not livin’ in their era and being a poser to be their fans. Of course, because i know their attitude and things that Joey, Johhny, Dee Dee and Tommy created is an art that can move their generation into an anarchy. That’s cool. Even the movement is not so relevant in this age but at least the four-piece always creating a good vibe and confidence. Punk always making an impact on every piece on the planet. Until 2011, i only could watch Marky Ramone with Michale Graves from Misfits played Ramones songs. At least I could taste a little bit Ramones from them. Hoping at the end i could attend on of CJ Ramone’s gig and watch him sing Endless Vacation.

Since then, I dig more and more about the Animal Boys, I search the place where I can enjoy their songs and I meet Morfem that occassionally play Ramones medley where I can sing and mosh to the songs and enjoy their record because they sounds like one. Then, i look for similar tune with same spirit such as Shonen Knife, Teenage Bottlerocket, Greenday, Alkaline Trio, Vaccines and some american garage band act such as Black Lips, Hunx and his Punx, Wavves and Fidlar. The simple three chord chop. Lately I also found a local band called The Spikeweed that being a sweet escape for Indonesian to enjoy Ramones.

All we can taste is just a classic piece that the kids dig for and sing it back to people today with the same angst and spirit. At the same time, we realized it turns into a fashion or outfit that made by these genius before us. All we can do is just act and sounds like one. But I guess its okay to absorb it to create the new one.

Source Google

Now the four-piece is in heaven already and having a gig together then making music in heaven. They probably having a little fight in the local bar stage in heaven just to decide which song that they have to sing first. Then Dee Dee starting to count “1..2..3..4…” then the band start to shout “Hey.. Ho.. Let’s Go !!”. Joey with the tall feet hand a stand mike with lazy vocal. Johnny staying in his mean face. While Dee Dee hopping around the stage and Tommy play it fast and cool with his black glasses. I guess their outfit turning white, I mean, white letter jacket and white ripped jeans and white slip on kick.

They already done their job in the world. Until I meet them in heaven and teach me how to sniff some blablabla. At the end they were not burried in the pet cemetary. Joey, Johnny, Dee Dee, Tommy forever. Ramones Forever !!

NP : Joey Ramone – Life’s a Gas


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